Thwart digital threats with behavioural analytics

Enterprises are allotting more budgets on emerging technologies that are proactive in detecting current and emerging threats. For 2018-19, the CISOs, CTOs and CIOs are eyeing on tools that use machine learning algorithms to secure companies’ digital assets, enterprise network and privilege accounts.

The expenditure on cyber security has seen a significant rise in the recent past especially after Facebook data breach, Uber data theft or even Bangladesh bank heist incidents. The digital threats are omnipresent, where the perpetrators siphon off digital money and crucial data in a day or may be for months. Worried CIOs are imploring the management to let them invest in cutting-edge technologies that can protect the privileged accounts and thwart threats.

Proactive protection is the safest way out

Digital security solution providers are now coming up with mechanisms that can pre-determine whether the malicious actor was trying to intrude from some other country. During the onset of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning, path-breaking technologies will help companies to take a more proactive approach rather than be sorry later. ARCON’s User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) is transforming the way Information Security is evolving and raising the demand. This powerful tool helps in reinforcing an enterprise’s security framework and is capable to crunch a huge amount of data, spot suspicious end-user behavioural profiles and trigger alert in a real time.

Enterprises extend budget but expect proof of protection

It is no more confidential that the management is extending their budget for network security but CIOs are on their toes to strike a balance in the investments and security outcome. The new behavioural analytics platform poses as priority challenges in this age of cyber warfare. In order to do that, companies are looking for security experts who can articulate the threat risks in a way that business leaders can easily grasp.

Unfortunately, even the best, experienced and privileged individuals along with the latest technologies might not be enough to secure the network infrastructure. Even the behavioural aspects of the employees can help them decide to appoint important responsibilities related to protecting crucial digital assets.

Role of UBA in cyber security

In corporate enterprises, there are typically three domains that require continuous monitoring – the network, the users, and the assets (digital). Applying Behavioural Analytics individually is important for us to understand and assess basic behavioural trends. For example, a typical asset on the network is designed and structured to carry out particular functions. Through Behavioural Analytics, an understanding can be developed on the frequency of operational processes and applications on a smart device (provided BYOD is implemented), who chalks out the assessment of the assets and how often they are used for communication. As these events are investigated, such learning can be turned around back into the system and the monitoring gets smarter. On several occasions, the malicious activities are identified and remediated promptly to maintain business continuity.

ARCON provides state-of-the-art technology aimed at mitigating information systems related risks. The company’s Privileged Identity Management / Privileged Access Management solution enables blocking unauthorized access to ‘privileged identities’, while its Secured Configuration Management solution helps to comply with Governance, Risks, and Compliance (GRC) requirements .

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