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Your Data is Vulnerable: Secure it

With Facebook admitting recently that the data available online of its 2 billion users are mostly vulnerable, recent reports affirmed that a quarter of a billion accounts were compromised. Later on, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made history by testifying before the US Congress about the data leakage. People realizing the importance of data safety reaches a different level thereafter.

Data is the most important thing which gets accumulated in our computers, laptops and other devices every day from various sources. We cannever deny the value of data because its mostly irreparable once lost. While OS (Operating Systems) and applications havere-install option, data doesn’t have. It is often classified and sensitive in nature(specially banking and financial details) which forces us to maintain privacy for the same. In addition, our business documents mostly include trade secrets, employee details and confidential monetary files.

IT security experts opine their views on the ways to shield the user data from theft, loss or unauthorized access.

Bring On Risk-Control solutions

There is a say “Prevention is better than Cure!” It is always advisable to take adequate precaution on data security measures rather than working on recovery of the data after theft. The risk-control solutions normally offers a unified framework which figure out the level of chances in network zone. Not only that, the highly important privilege accounts are managed and monitored to keep the malefactors at bay. With proper precaution from breaches, the organization data remains shielded from malicious acts.

Crucial Back-up

This is one of the vital stepsin protecting data regularly.The frequency of taking back-up depends on the amount of data gathering in the system.One can either use backup utility integrated to Windows to carry out basic backup exercises or use Wizard Mode to make the process for creating and restoring backups easier or configure the backup settings manually and set-up automatic backup routines.Irrespective of the program in use, the user should keepat least one copy of the backup at some other place in case of natural disasters which can destroy or damage backup data along with the original one.

Incorporate User Permission

Incorporating user permission on the data files and folders is another convenient way to ensure data safety. The data which is present in network shares, should have share permissions to manage the access of the accounts through the network. To keep your data safe from others, the best step forward is to put in place permissions on the data files and folders. The data present in network shares must have share permissions to manage which accounts can or cannot access the files via network.

Secure Wireless Data Transmissions

All the data transmitted over wireless networks is vulnerable to interception comparing to that of Ethernet network. In order to obtain illegal access to the targeted data, the cyber crooks do not require direct access to the network. They can do it with the help of any portable smart device if the access point is not safely configured. The only way out is to store or sent data on wireless networks with encryption, specially in WPA (WiFi Protected Areas) areas.

Retain Control with Rights Management

Employing Windows Rights Management Services (RMS) can control the recipients in handling their data safely. If there is too much of concern after leaving the computer, then it is better to set rights enabling the recipient for read-only format of the document which can not be edited, copied, or saved. Restrictions can be put on random forwarding of emails and the data can be made to expire after a specific time-period. It will refrain the recipient from further accessing it.


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