Top 5 Business Benefits of Robust Access Control Environment



Today, businesses are more competitive than ever thanks to the increased role of digital technologies. Digital technologies have become the core of any business activity. Cloud technologies have increased business and IT operational efficiencies. Business meets have become virtual, client/ vendor payments are done online, and business operations are done remotely. Even business events have turned into webinars and virtual summits. 

In this backdrop, enterprise end-users are always connected to devices, systems and applications.

Due to this digitalized and interconnected IT ecosystem, organizations, however, are more vulnerable to cyber threats. Access controls are major worries. 

Hence, robust cybersecurity, especially access controls, are no more optional, rather it is an essential component. However, the question is whether all the organizations are adopting adequate and relevant IT security measures to reinforce access controls?

Here are the top 5 benefits to businesses from strong access controls 

Access Control and business continuity & agility 

Would anyone of us prefer to stand in the queue to withdraw money from the bank, or pay electricity bills or recharge mobile phones in this era? The answer is highly predictable. In the changing times, organizations need to submit themselves to the demanding trends, else that organization might fall back beyond recovery. 

Today, if we take an example of any organization from any industry, we will find that most of them have adopted new technologies, set up new IT policies to adapt to the digital age. Why? Because, business agility can be attained only by adapting quickly to technologies. 

Nevertheless, the agility will come to a standstill if technologies lack strong access controls. 

A strong IT security infrastructure that includes access controls not only protects the IT assets from cyber risks, internal threats and frauds but also responds rapidly and flexibly to customer demands. It offers agility to business

Access Control and business continuity & agility

Access Control and Increased Productivity

Access Control and Increased Productivity

Business without productivity is like a ‘fish without water’. Business expansion and growth is directly proportional to the productivity of any business. Modern enterprises always adopt advanced IT tools (software and applications) to enhance productivity and ensure business continuity. But that productivity could take a hit if those advanced systems lacked security controls to safeguard IT assets from imminent IT threats like privileged access abuse or misuse/ abuse of applications from malicious end-users. 

Access Control and Compliance

A resilient access control environment empowers enterprises to meet various IT standards and regulatory compliance requirements. Advanced Information Security solutions such as  Endpoint Privileged Management, User Behaviour Analytics, Privileged Access Management, Security Compliance Management, Identity and Access Management, Single Sign-on etc., help to comply with the standards like EU GDPR, PCI DSS, SWIFT CSCF, HIPAA, SOX etc.

Access Control and Compliance

Access Control and IT Governance

One of the most important requirements for enhancing perimeter security is robust IT governance. A strong IT governance is possible only through enforcement of unambiguous IT policies and access controls along with well-defined end-user roles & responsibilities. There must be adequate IT safeguards to manage and monitor people and day-to-day IT processes. Access control enables organizations to reinforce IT governance by implementing the above mentioned security steps. 

Access Control and IT Governance

Access Control and Customers’ Trust

There have been numerous instances where a single data breach or other IT anomaly has had a large impact on business reputation. Therefore, protecting the digital identity of the customers, sensitive information and personal information is essential to win the trust of customers. Access control technologies help to safeguard the digital information and digital identities of customers. 


Technologies have transformed the way businesses do business. Nevertheless, all the benefits of technologies would ebb without robust access controls. A robust access control environment is a need of the hour. It mitigates IT threats and helps in strengthening the customers’ trust.


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