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The Role of Identity Governance in Ever-expanding IT Environments

The Role of Identity Governance in Ever-expanding IT Environments | ARCON Whitepaper

Protecting identity in increasingly complex IT environments is challenging. The challenge arises from the fact that today’s organizations have a widely distributed IT environment. Users, endpoints and applications have not just exploded in numbers but those IT components are widely distributed in multiple cloud platforms, distributed across datacentres, multiple workstations due to hybrid models and managed service environments. 

Against this backdrop, it becomes a challenge to monitor and control the end-users. Who accesses the systems? Why was it accessed? When was it accessed? Is the end-user authorized to access the systems? If these critical questions remain unanswered in the absence of adequate access control mechanisms in place, organizations risk data breach and credentials abuse from insiders and third-party consultants

 Therefore, identity governance is becoming increasingly important to organizations. Identity governance ensures that all identities are being discovered, mapped, allocated (based on users’ responsibilities), controlled and monitored. A robust identity governance framework ensures seamless lifecycle of identities, reduces chances of breaches and identity abuse along with providing a strong foundation for Identity and Access Management. 

ARCON’s robust stack of solutions ensures Authorization and Administration of each and every identity through an intuitive Workflow Matrix. 

Security features such as Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), Just-in-Time Access to IT resources, Granular Controls, Single sign-on (SSO), Session Monitoring and Management, User discovery, User mapping (for entitlements), Audit trails and reporting, Risk-based analytics including behavioral analytics on anomalous profiles simultaneously helps to reinforce the IT security posture, which builds the foundation for a strong Identity and Access Management framework. 

In this whitepaper, we have discussed various use case scenarios where identity governance becomes a critical component to ensure overall robust Information Security posture.


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