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ARCON | My Vault: Safe Storage for Enterprise Secrets

Remember the days when our grannies used to keep their secret savings or valuables in the typical iron chests and keep the keys under the mattress to hide the secrets from all? Both family members and outsiders visit grannies’ rooms for different purposes at different hours of the day, so it was necessary for the valuables to have a ‘safe house’ in the form of an iron chest. Our grannies used to be very selective while sharing the ‘secrets’ with others.

Similarly, how do organizations keep their business secrets safe from both ‘internal employees’ and suspicious third-parties? Let us see what could be the best ‘safe house’ for confidential business information.

The Dire Need for My Vault in the ever-evolving enterprise IT Context

In the digital era, the amount of critical data and secrets generated on a daily basis is enormous. Cloud workloads, DevOps engineering, microservices among many kinds of core IT and non-IT (core business functions) demands a robust data protection mechanism. 

In other words, the IT infrastructure teams, business teams, developers, IT engineers et al maintain a large amount of confidential data under the emerging context that needs to be secured from unauthorized access. 

Yet, businesses and organizations from time to time manage their critical data in a manner that could lead to breaches and cyber-attacks. Indeed, over the course of the time, ARCON has analyzed several use-cases where the workforce maintains data and secrets in USBs, shared drives, and shared folders. 

Consider this example: In the last three years, the percentage of global developers who use microservice architecture for production-proven designs has nearly tripled. 

Nevertheless, the transformation comes with a risk. The attack surface increases significantly both from malicious insiders or unintentional exposure if there are no proper access control mechanisms to secure entry points of each and every independent service. 

In DevOPs engineering, there is a theoretical opinion that knowledge-sharing and exchangeable ideas make DevOps an agile development practice. Nevertheless, what it also means is that the DevOps team will have a comprehensive access control over the DevOps’ tool-kit. Uncontrolled and unrestricted access to DevOps tool-chains however means that the principles of role and rule-based access control are not practiced. What if any DevOps tool-chain member takes advantage of the non-segregation of duties and misuses several embedded secrets?

Likewise, there are hundreds or maybe thousands of .xls, .ppt, .pdf, .jpeg or .png files generated every day from different departments. And given rising abuse of critical data and secrets, data security is always at the forefront, be it a SMB or a large organization. 

To ensure security, isn’t it necessary to ensure safe data storage mechanism? Where is the data stored? Is it stored in system hard drives or external hard drives or pen drives in the worst conditions? 

ARCON | My Vault, a safe and secure storage repository 

In a vast and distributed IT environment, managing and storing enterprise data is a real challenge for the IT administrators. ARCON | My Vault solution allows all the end-users to securely store, access and share business information. The files, where this information is stored, remain encrypted and can be deleted easily after a preset time. It also controls the end-users’ activities based on the pre-configured permissions even at a granular level. 

ARCON | My Vault provides end-users the ability to store secrets, certificates, passwords, confidential files, etc. in a highly secured vault. It also provides administrative users managing servers the ability to transfer files from one machine to another without having to go through the interactive access in Privileged Access Management. 

ARCON| My Vault is now offered as a discrete solution (with or without PAM). The solution is based on a microservices framework and is built for the cloud; however, the solution can also be installed on-premise for PAM customers). 

The discrete solution has advanced features like onboarding user groups, tagging businesses, workflow, Just-in-time access to Secrets, Keys, Certificates, Files, etc. Furthermore, one can provide role-based access for sharing, downloading, viewing, or transferring files and secrets. My Vault also provides a simple centralized store for large files (including software, patches, etc.)

Benefits of ARCON | My Vault

  • The solution ensures a centralized access framework that helps employees to share and access business-critical files uninterruptedly. To ensure the security of the information a step ahead, these files are accessed exclusively by the My Vault users.
  • All the files that are secretly stored in My Vault are accessible only after double authentication of the privileged users. Not just that, every monitoring of the end-users and authentication mechanisms work at a granular level. 
  • All the uploaded files are deleted automatically after the pre-designated time period. As a result, the files remain safe from being accessed by irrelevant or unauthorized users.


ARCON| My Vault has emerged as an essential IT need in day-to-day enterprise use cases. Along with data encryption, this enterprise-class tool ensures data integrity and data confidentiality of the organizations. As a result, regulatory compliance requirements are also met round the year.


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