Navigating Privileged Access Challenges with ARCON | PAM SaaS

The Context

In the recent past, ARCON has witnessed a very robust demand for Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions, especially for its full-blown Enterprise SaaS version including ARCON PAM SaaS Standard for SMBs.

There are several emerging enterprise use cases that are boosting the demand for PAM SaaS adoption. 

  • During the past 18 months, IT security and regulatory compliance have become more important due to an increase in insider and data breach threats. In order to establish a secure, robust, and trusted IT framework, organizations across the globe have upped the ante to ensure their network security, data security, end user protection including security of cloud workloads. Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution not just accelerates the pace of digital transformation, but also enhances the security of privileged access environments including compliance. Several mandates such as password change at regular intervals, granular level control, session management including auditing and reporting of privileged sessions can be fulfilled with PAM solution. 
  • Secondly, there has been a sharp increase in the adoption of hybrid work environments. And IT security teams want a VPN-less approach. With hundreds of users accessing systems from different locations remotely, there is a strong demand for a secure gateway that can ensure authorized access to target applications. Furthermore, organizations are facing the challenge of managing, monitoring and controlling the end-users both on-prem and remotely. As a result, there is a dire need to deploy a feature-rich PAM solution that can manage and monitor the end-user activities seamlessly with a unified governing engine. 
  • Moreover, there are IT security challenges that stem from over-privileged entitlements. While managing the pressure of huge IT administrative workloads, IT administrators keep on adding privileges to ensure prompt completion of the IT administrative and operational tasks. As a result, there is an uncontrolled increase in the number of standing privileges. If we consider large and distributed IT environments along with multiple cloud platforms that have increased the number of SaaS applications’ adoption, over-privileged entitlements’ (in this context) misuse or abuse might result in breaches if those trusted privileges are not revoked in a timely manner and/or provided just-in-time access to target applications. 


Organizations of all shapes and sizes find merit in ARCON | PAM SaaS. Our solutions cater to all kinds of businesses and organizations depending on the size of the IT infrastructure among other features and functionality requirements.

 ARCON has two different solutions as per two different requirements:

  1. ARCON | Privileged Access Management (PAM) Standard for SMBs. 
  2. ARCON | Privileged Access Management (PAM) Enterprise for larger enterprise-grade deployments

The feature-rich PAM Enterprise solution is adopted by large organizations with distributed IT environments, multiple data centers and thousands of privileged users accessing critical systems on a daily basis. Whereas, PAM SaaS Standard solution is relevant for limited users’ IT setup. Irrespective of industry and geography, this solution is readily accepted by more SMBs to secure the privileged environment for both on-prem and on-cloud.

Here is a brief elucidation of the benefits of ARCON | PAM (SaaS) solution. 

  • With this solution, organizations can manage their end-users and data centers from one centrally managed console. Depending on the requirements, the organization can segregate their PAM integration location-wise with similar functionalities for all of them. Moreover, there is user-friendliness of direct logins, multiple session facilities in the same window and hassle-free switching between sessions.
  • To meet compliance demands, organizations can have multiple access control techniques to separate client data and all the sessions are documented for IT audits.
  • ARCON’s PAM SaaS model allows even larger organizations to host PAM services for their third-party vendors that simplifies the access permission of privileged identities and protects them in real-time.
  • With a unique and well-defined policy enforcement, organizations can ensure lucid IT security practices among the end-users in SaaS environments. It affirms that the users are at par with their roles and responsibilities.
  • A robust access control framework in the IT environment ensures only authorized users have access to the business-critical applications. In the SaaS environment, it not just ensures data security, but also identifies anomalous user profiles.
  • As a part of flexibility, ARCON | PAM SaaS helps privilege identities to be on-boarded in bulk with the help of ‘bulk import’ feature embedded within the solution.
  • The product architecture also offers built-in real-time password rotations even in multi-cloud, and third-party environments. While working remotely, organizations can have the convenience of multi-factor authentication for initiation of every privileged session.
  • Lastly, Just-in-Time provisioning in ARCON’s SaaS solution restricts user access rights for a limited period only on on-demand situations. The privileged rights are revoked immediately after the end of the task.

In addition to robust functionalities, ARCON PAM SaaS adoption also boosts your ROI. 

  • Shorter deployment cycle which in turn ensures lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Lower CAPEX as your organization will not have to spend money on setting up on-prem IT infrastructure
  • The SaaS model brings in automatic upgrades. So, organizations barely have to invest their time on consulting and assessing costs to upgrade their software. It not just fastens the process but also ensures business agility.


Our research and analysis show that the organizations are fast adopting SaaS models as it ensures long-term value addition. Both ARCON | PAM SaaS Standard and Enterprise solutions in this regard, are preferred by IT security professionals for its visibility, flexibility and scalability in both on-prem and on-cloud environments.



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