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Security, Compliance & Productivity

Security, Compliance & Productivity | ARCON Blog

Many factors have contributed to the rising level of cybersecurity threats such as identity abuse, credentials thefts, and data breach that organizations face every day. Multi-cloud environments, heterogeneous technologies, increasing number of end-users and ever-expanding IT networks along with a worldwide pandemic that has altered IT processes have all added to the complexities. 

The traditional perimeter security isn’t as effective in today’s distributed data center contexts. The concept of a data center boundary has vanished, necessitating the controlled management of human and machine identities from any location and in any hosting model. 


In today’s hybrid data hosting models, businesses and organizations generate more and more data. The IT security staff not just have to secure cloud resources and legacy applications but also a host of other IT assets. Management of Machine Identities, enforcing access control around APIs, ensuring role-based access to command-line interfaces (CLIs) are some of the other daily use-cases. 

Secondly, there are hundreds of end-users, third-party users, partners and suppliers who continuously require access to the critical systems to perform daily tasks. It is the responsibility of the IT security team to ensure that enterprise data is accessible only to the authorized end- user; notwithstanding the location or hosting models (on-premises and on-cloud environments)

Businesses and organizations under these changing circumstances are facing more challenges. Against the backdrop of a large number of dispersed identities that require day-to-day access to systems, the practice of identity and access management (IAM/IDAM) ensures controlled and restricted access to the IT environment where each identity is administered and governed.

IAM ensures Compliance

Almost every organization has to follow regulations as to data privacy, data integrity and data security. Complying with regulatory mandates becomes very easy as the IT security staff can move forward swiftly and build a security baseline with Identity & Access Management (IAM/IDAM) solution. Businesses and organizations can have effective policies that protect end-user accounts, conduct regular audits and revoke rights of an identity if any anomalous activity is found. 

An IAM solution enables an organization to take control of the management and monitoring of all the identities to comply with the access control requirements consistent with regulatory standards. Identity and Access Management is critical for organizations seeking to strengthen their compliance standards.


IAM enhances Productivity

The IT staff and end-users all like to enhance their productivity, and a good IAM solution can accelerate the digital transformation by enhancing IT productivity. 

IT administrators find it very complex to administer and govern digital identities when the number of end-users in an IT environment increases gradually. It not only has an impact on the IT administrative experience but also increases the risk of identity abuse/misuse.

By deploying an IAM solution, the IT security staff can address the problem statements by automating the end-users’ identity lifecycle management. The solution ensures Identity Lifecycle Management through provisioning and de-provisioning of end-users, offering an intuitive workflow matrix, and providing role and rule-based access to systems among other access control capabilities. 


ARCON | IDAM is the best-in-class solution that addresses enterprise access control use-cases in vast and distributed IT environments. It ensures secure access at granular levels to all elements of IT infrastructure. As a result, IT processes remain uninterrupted, which boosts productivity. It ensures business continuity.


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