Case Study – Large Multiple Cloud Environments of a Middle-East based firm

Case Study: Large Multiple Cloud Environments | ARCON PAM



Big investment firms typically have large multiple cloud environments.

This case study covers a very interesting instance of datacentre migration to multiple cloud environments.

To scale-up its IT operations as well as to ensure IT efficiency, our client migrated its main datacentre to one of the biggest managed service giants in the Middle-East whilst it continued to manage smaller datacentres on its own at different locations of the region.

How to make your Cloud-First Strategy a Success with ARCON | PAM?

However, migrating data to cloud environments invariably results in access control challenges. Therefore, our client now required a single instance to centrally monitor and control all privileged activities.


But that’s not all. While the implementation was going on, our client procured an Azure subscription. Hence, our client wanted to on-board the Azure Infra devices as well.

Our client had the following requirements:

  • Meet with compliance requirements
  • Deploy a single PAM instance to manage, monitor and control privileged identities in large multiple cloud environments
  • Have proper audit reports of privileged sessions
  • Gain clear visibility over privileged sessions from video logs
  • Create cloud-based entitlements for privileged identities based on policies

Download the case study to learn how ARCON’s Unified Privileged Identity Governing platform: ARCON | PAM helped one of the largest investment firms from the Middle-east to monitor large multiple cloud environments.

Download the case study:

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