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Case Study – Oil and Gas Industry




One of the largest oil refineries in India reinforces its perimeter security with ARCON | PAM to mitigate the risks of insiders and advanced cyber-attacks.

The oil and gas industry represents one of the largest contributors to the nation’s development.

Therefore, oil and gas companies always ensure uninterrupted supply-chains. However, a stable supply-chain is not adequate to ensure uninterrupted supplies.

From a security perspective, oil and gas companies have to maintain adequate security safeguards both within and outside the IT perimeter.

Oil and gas companies manage and operate critical IT infrastructure. The perimeter security – access control to Information Systems must be robust in critical infrastructure environments. Insider threats, rogue nation-states, or compromised third-parties can wreak havoc to oil and gas companies if the perimeter security lacks necessary IT security measures.

For oil and gas companies, access control, password management, single sign-on to critical applications along with comprehensive logging and reporting mechanisms are essential security measures required to protect critical infrastructure.

A robust Privileged Access Management can plug this gap and reinforce the perimeter security.

Download this case study to learn how ARCON | Privileged Access Management reinforced the perimeter security of one of the largest oil refineries in India and helped to mitigate the insider and advanced cyber threat.

Download the case study:

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