How can you maximize your Return on Investment with UBA?


When it comes to protecting data exploitation and mitigating the risk, IT security professionals know that a majority of prominent threats does not come from malware attacks, instead, they are sourced from the behaviour of users of the system. Understanding this user behaviour can assist you in developing more effective strategies to prevent threats that are caused intentionally or inadvertently. In this detailed article, we discuss what UBA is and why businesses need it.


What is User Behavior Analytics?

Similar to any antivirus software which regularly scans files for any sign of threat, user behaviour analytics centers on scanning the actions performed by users within the systems. The objective of this identification and logging of data usage is to highlight as well as notify members of the security team about abnormal and potentially threatening activities. Although anti-malware software and firewalls do a good job in protecting attackers from exploiting the system, UBA works to identify the sign of such activities. Therefore assist the security team to be more agile and act quickly to the potential threats.


UBA logs users’ activities, and it will log:

  • When Users will request access to the files
  • When the requested files are accessed
  • By whom the files were accessed
  • How often the files were accessed
  • All the activities associated with those files
  • What was done to the data
  • The time user logs the apps
  • Which network they used to access
  • What are their activities on the apps

5 Reasons why today’s Organizations need ARCON | UBA

Why is UBA important for every Business?

With cybercrime on the rise, companies need to leverage every possible method to protect their systems and data. Implementing effective user business analytics can assist companies in multiple ways including:

Detect Data Breach

Businesses collect sensitive data in a huge amount. You should be able to know who is accessing the data, what they are doing with it, where the data is being transferred, and everything else. The user behaviour analytics systems hold the potential to identify such things and alert you when they determine some unusual activities.

It does not merely detect outside activities, but UBA also keeps track of internal activities as well. There might be situations where an employee might go rogue and steal sensitive information by using his or her access. User behaviour analytics can assist you in identifying privilege abuse, sabotage, data breaches, policy violations, etc. Furthermore it allows companies to stay in compliance with the security guideline. It also facilitates more secure opportunities to work remotely.


Better Customer Understanding

One of the objectives behind collecting behavioral data is to understand the users. The data analytics allows you to identify user activities and understand what they are looking for. This allows you to create strategies that are more focused on their needs. Moreover, with relevant data as the bedrock of your strategies, you can eliminate the guesswork and focus on catering to the needs of your target users.


 Track Human and Machine Behavior

Normal behaviour for accounts utilized by humans will appear differently in comparison to the service accounts that are used to execute automated application activity. Moreover, these machine accounts have a lot of permissions, but their activities are more predictable as opposed to human user accounts. The activities of automated accounts are higher than human activities. When the user behaviour is tracked, it is prominent to identify which type of account is monitored when identifying the unusual behaviour.


Identity Brute Force Attacks

Cyberattacks at times, target the cloud-based units and third-party authentication systems. When you leverage UBA, you can identify many brute force attempts, enabling you to restrict access to such a unit. For companies that constantly monitor login failure, there is no sufficient time to go through an extensive list of accounts that generated these logins and determine the ones that are potentially threatening. An effective UBA tool can assist in prioritizing the accounts that create an unusual number of failed logins depending on the profile and offers contextual data to make an informed decision.


Reducing False Positives –

A great thing about UBA systems is that they continue to learn new ways to be more accurate and mitigate the chances of false alarms. This consistent approach mitigates the chances of false positives as various abnormalities must happen prior to alerting the analyst. UBA protects getting a series of false-positive alerts.


Tips for Improvement of ROI with UBA

Following are some effective tips to help you get most out of your UBA:


Determine Business as well as for Analytics Objective

Before you implement UBA, you have to determine the following things:

  • What is the company working towards?
  • What is the end objective?

Considering the business goals that you would want to achieve. Once you have established clear objectives, decide how you would work to achieve them. Set up key performance indicators or KPIs that you are focusing on improving to reach your goals efficiently. It is imperative to define the Business used thinking about analytics. This allows you to be clearer about what areas of the Business to focus on.


Create a Pathway that leads to your Goals

Critical paths are a series of actions that users take you to want the users to take when buying the products. For instance, in an e-commerce shop, this pathway could be –

  • Searching the product
  • Browsing the options
  • Adding the preferred product to the cart
  • Checkout
  • Confirming the order

This will allow you to track the events that are important and cater to the goals of Business and analytics. In later stages, you can always add more events.


Arrange the Taxonomy

Behind every user behaviour analytics, there is an event taxonomy. This means the way businesses organize its collection of properties and events that it is using to define actions that people can perform within the products. Taxonomy is considered as the foundation for future analysis that the team will perform. This is why it is important to get it right.


Understand the Way Users are being Identified

A lot of analytics platforms need businesses to configure some type of identified, such as email or username in their HTTP API or SDKs for tracking the users. This allows you to align the data from different devices and sessions related to one user. Owing to this, it is imperative to ensure that the user id remains permanent.


Select Minimum Viable Instrumentation

Once you have determined how to establish your analytics as well as organize the events, the next step is to start analyzing the fundamental app metrics. This is the step where you integrate the SDK analytics solution and assign the users IDS. After this, you can start tracking critical paths and events to identify any threat possibilities and the necessary steps.


Final Thoughts

Every business, irrespective of its operational nature and industry is vulnerable to a cyber-attack. You cannot wait until you suffer from a data breach to implement the right security measures. Cybercriminals have become quite sophisticated and to protect your data, you have to be proactive and agile. If not, your business could suffer significant financial loss along with a damaged market reputation. User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) have become an important aspect of IT security as it determines abnormal activities. This allows businesses to treat the issues before they even enter the system. Investing in effective user behaviour analytics allow you to maintain operational efficiency and gain maximum return on your investment.

ARCON is a leading enterprise risk control solutions provider, specializing in risk-predictive technologies. ARCON | User Behaviour Analytics enables to monitor end-user activities in real time. ARCON | Privileged Access Management reinforces access control and mitigates data breach threats. ARCON | Secure Compliance Management is a vulnerability assessment tool.


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