Governance, Control and IT Visibility.

Governance, Control and IT Visibility | ARCON Blog

Any guesstimates about how interconnected the world is? According to the conservative estimates, it is believed that there are about 50 billion interconnected devices. That roughly translates into trillions of end-users and digital identities including vast chains of information networks. Our information networks are priceless. Whether big data, AI-powered programs or numerous silos of databases— […]

DDoS Attack on your Privileged Accounts might create mayhem

The National Stock Exchange from one of the APAC countries was recently struck by DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. The incident happened twice on two consecutive days forcing the stock market to halt for quite some time. Despite this cyber-attack, the exchange was up at the close of business fortunately. According to official sources, […]

How ARCON Privileged Access Management could have averted this Nuclear Plant disaster

Cyber criminals have turned their eyes on nuclear power plants now. Another malware attack struch hard in one of the nuclear plants in the southern part of India recently. It has not only disrupted the generation of electricity in the plant, but also raised burning questions related to secure privileged access. Forensic investigation by the […]

Strengthen Compliance Framework to Avoid Hefty Regulatory Fines

British Airways has been slapped with a record fine of lump sum £183m for last year’s information breach of 380,000 customers. This aviation giant has already met with an irrevocable reputation damage last year having confessed to a major information breach of thousands of passengers whose name, email address and credit card information (those who […]

Have You Secured Those Master Keys to Your IT Network?

Data breaches continued to haunt corporations across the world. From Japan’s largest travel agency to UK’s leading accounting software firm and from America’s prominent hospital chain to Africa’s emerging financial institutions, organizations spanning varied industries and different sizes got their data exposed this year as malefactors exploited slightest of the security gaps. Such incidents would […]

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