Five mistakes that often leads to compromise of endpoints

Some of the most grave IT risks arise due to inadequate endpoint privilege management. As we discussed in our previous article, a lackadaisical attitude in controlling and monitoring endpoint privileges often leads to compromise of sensitive data. In this article we would like to highlight the top five mistakes that organizations make with regard to endpoint security.

  • Absence of centralized policy enforcement:

    It is critical to have unified access control framework. It removes any sort of ambiguity over the roles and rules to access applications. Endpoint privilege management ensures access policies are automatically created by profiling all on-boarded end-users’ roles and responsibilities.

  • Endpoint privilege is easily available:

    It goes without saying that organizations must follow the principle of least privilege to protect the integrity of data. By creating a large number of privileges, organizations pave the way for malefactors to misuse access to critical applications. End-users should be granted just-in-time endpoint privileges.

  • Absence of privilege behavior analytics:

    Enterprise faces imminent threats from suspicious end-users. Corporate espionage, data exfiltration happens when suspicious behavior profiles go undetected for a long period of time. risk -based assessment is a must to deprovision privileges of risky behavior profiles.

  • Lack of fine-grained control:

    Is there any need to grant an application access for a whole day when the task just takes 30 minutes? Always keep a granular-level control over endpoint privileges through day-wise, time-wise, role-wise restriction to decrease the attack vector.

  • No Data Loss Prevention :

    Endpoint security can be compromised if end-users can easily target confidential information using any removable storage device for example USB. Thus it is vital to contain security vulnerabilities. Capabilities such as content-based filtering and blocking helps in protecting data.

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